The Ultimate Brunch: Easter Day

File Apr 05

liveblog of Easter Day in Pittsburgh, PA

2:57 The family brunch has concluded with warm hugs and kisses. Food is great, but nothing is better than spending time with family. Happy Easter everyone!

2:31 Family games continue with Scattergories

2:24 Nothing better than family time with laughs and food

2:15 Time to finish the meal with a glass of white wine… Pinot Grigio to be specific

1:58 Of course the brunch included hard-boiled eggs… pink, blue, green, red eggs!

1:46 The honey baked ham is so sweet and tender!

1:41 Nothing better than a polish feast of kielbasa and pierogis! I always add a hint of sour cream to the plate

1:30 The buttered rolls combined with the egg and potato frittata paired perfectly. Can’t wait for the pierogis and kielbasa

1:23 Jarlsberg and Brick cheese plate with kalamata and green olives next up on the plate

1:18 Starting off with fresh tossed salad. Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, diced cucumber, and raw onions tossed with an oil and vinegar dressing

1:14 Fitting 30+ people in my mom’s house… Crazy place!

1:11 The whole family is here… from aunts, uncle, cousins, and family pets.

1:08 The menu for today: buttered rolls, cheese and olive plate, kielbasa, pieorgis, egg and potato frittata, baked ham, tossed salad, and nut roll.

1:07 Brunch has officially started at my mom’s house. Nothing more delicious than a home-cooked brunch


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