Keep On Brunching

Thank you everyone for your follows, likes, and time. This blog was for a journalism class and now that the semester has come to an end, I will no longer be blogging. It was a joy to blog about a favorite topic of mine and share my opinions with you all. But even though the blog is done, the weekend is right around the corner so brunches are in order!

Keep on brunching!

xox So Brunch·y


Cooking From My House to Yours

Who doesn’t love potato pancakes?! Follow the how-to video below to help make your next brunch meal! Remember to keep it, so brunch·y

The Ultimate Brunch: Easter Day

File Apr 05

liveblog of Easter Day in Pittsburgh, PA

2:57 The family brunch has concluded with warm hugs and kisses. Food is great, but nothing is better than spending time with family. Happy Easter everyone!

2:31 Family games continue with Scattergories

2:24 Nothing better than family time with laughs and food

2:15 Time to finish the meal with a glass of white wine… Pinot Grigio to be specific

1:58 Of course the brunch included hard-boiled eggs… pink, blue, green, red eggs!

1:46 The honey baked ham is so sweet and tender!

1:41 Nothing better than a polish feast of kielbasa and pierogis! I always add a hint of sour cream to the plate

1:30 The buttered rolls combined with the egg and potato frittata paired perfectly. Can’t wait for the pierogis and kielbasa

1:23 Jarlsberg and Brick cheese plate with kalamata and green olives next up on the plate

1:18 Starting off with fresh tossed salad. Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, shredded carrots, diced cucumber, and raw onions tossed with an oil and vinegar dressing

1:14 Fitting 30+ people in my mom’s house… Crazy place!

1:11 The whole family is here… from aunts, uncle, cousins, and family pets.

1:08 The menu for today: buttered rolls, cheese and olive plate, kielbasa, pieorgis, egg and potato frittata, baked ham, tossed salad, and nut roll.

1:07 Brunch has officially started at my mom’s house. Nothing more delicious than a home-cooked brunch