Brunch·y Expertise

Meet Erica Roney. Expert in brunching as she works for the Urbanist Pittsburgh.

“The Urbanist guide aims to produce the best printed city guides in the nation. Since 2009 Urbanist has made it easy for both tourists and locals to pinpoint the outstanding local businesses in San Diego. With the addition of two more cities in 2013, Urbanist looks to create an expanded network of some of the best small businesses in the country. We are continually inspired by the entrepreneurs who have risked so much to create a unique experience for locals and visitors. They deserve your support. Restaurants that spark conversation. Shopping that encourages individuality. Nightlife that favors authenticity. Salons that understand you. Art that excites you. We believe the businesses listed here represent the best our select cities have to offer.”

After a short interview, here’s an expert’s point of view.

Q) What are your opinions of brunch? Are you a frequent brunch-goer?

A) Definitely a frequent brunch-goer, I think going to brunch is more about the entire experience. Having the right atmosphere, the right friends, and the right food make for a perfect experience. It’s more of a social outing on the weekend mornings!

Q) What is the relationship between Pittsburgh and brunch?

A) The relationship is a building one for sure but with tons of possibility. The food industry is coming to life and the best part is that with every different neighborhood you are guaranteed a different experience. When going through Downtown, you experience more embellished dishes with rare and expensive ingredients, while brunch in Lawrenceville is more casual and friendly to alternative options like vegan and gluten-free.

Q) Any special secrets of Pittsburgh brunch you would like to share?

A) Of course I do! The Urbanist has recently been teaming up with Round Corner Cantina (located in Lawrenceville) for the ‘Urbanist X Cantina Brunch Parties.’ Every month, there will be one brunch party celebrated which includes: a guest DJ, dancing, champagne, confetti canons, and of course food! It takes place in Round Corner’s new upstairs ballroom. The next one will be March 1st so mark your calendars.

Q) What is your favorite brunch spot?

A) One of my all time favorites is Coca Cafe. I love their breakfast in general, but every Sunday they hold brunch from 9am-2pm which includes some breakfast items and 5-6 seasonal dishes that change every week. I love going there and being surprised! I also love their fresh juices and specialty lattes… Nutella latte! Yum!

Q) What is your favorite brunch food?

A) My favorite part of brunch food is that I can never ceased to be amazed. No matter where I go, each restaurant does their own take of a dish that is completely different than the next. I simply cannot pick a favorite… mostly because my favorite part is finding a new one.

Find more information of the Urbanist Pittsburgh and follow @UrbanistPGH



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