Reviewing a Review: Meat and Potatoes Edition

Nowadays, everyone is a critic. Many people love to review restaurants on their blog; to share their insights and opinions of what to order and what not to, along with pros and cons of the dining experience. I would like to take a minute to review a review, funny huh? 

First up is The Red Headed Traveler blog on brunch at Meat and Potatoes.

Now I may be a little bias because I use to work at Meat and Potatoes as a hostess, but this review does a great job discussing Meat and Potatoes’ delicacy of brunch.

The review begins with the comparison of dinner and brunch at Meat and Potatoes. The Red Headed Traveler is spot on with the atmosphere. Saturday and Sunday brunch has a more relaxed vibe with a reduction in noise than a crazy Friday night during happy hour.

Starting off with the Snacks and Sides section, the reviewer complained of the Fried Taters and Truffle Mayonnaise. She was expecting the American style ‘tater tots’ and not french fries. Although I can see where this could be misleading, Meat and Potatoes’ french fries are so delicious that you could never be disappointed, even if you were expecting something else. She also mentions that the mayo was surprisingly good but did not need to be included because the fries were seasoned enough. All I got to say is… You’re crazy! The truffle mayo is what makes the dish! If I could, I would buy a mass amount of the truffle mayo to put in every meal I could ever eat. It is that good.

The reviewer then tried the French Toast for her main course. I too have had their French Toast and it may be one of my favorite I have ever had. The French Toast includes bananas, bacon, almond brittle, all served on sourdough. The Red Headed Traveler and I happen to strongly agree on the richness of this dish. The portion is plenty too, resulting in the reviewer only eating half. Who could blame her? Meat and Potatoes loves to make their customers walk about with to-go boxes.


In all, The Red Headed Traveler and I both gave Meat and Potatoes a thumbs-up.

Check out more about Meat and Potatoes brunch.


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