The Era of the Brunch

Brunch is on the rise and although many people partake in the activity, not too many people know of its origin. Although brunch is a mystery, people have their assumptions of where this delicious practice came from. Some believe that the meal was brought over from England—England’s hunt breakfasts which consists of lavish multi-course meals that featured a heap of goodies such as chicken livers, eggs, meats, bacon, fresh fruit and sweets. Another idea was that Sunday brunch derived from Catholics fasting before mass and then sitting down for a large midday meal. A more recent conclusion is that the cause of brunch came from New York’s abundance of dining spots.

As brunch continues to grow, understanding the culture is imperative. There are certain routines, attire, and mannerisms that are unspoken of but are very useful to know. This blog will cover those topics plus amazing dining spots, savory recipes, recent blog news, and more! So let’s start defining what is so brunch·y 

At Three Rivers Casino

At Three Rivers Casino


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